Video Game Song (Vidya Gaems)

from by Riccardo Estate

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This is a song about video games
Dragon Age, Grey Goo, World of Warcraft, these are some video games.... except the last one

I'm sorry I don't like the same things you go, honey
We just have different opinions and yours is wrong

You seem to get off on Diablo 3
But I think it's a top down snooze parade with no build diversity

Video Games
Vidya Games

Elite Dangerous is a video game
It has no content, but I just can't stop myself from playing
Now I know how Blizzard fans feel

Please don't hate me sir or madam
See? I just addressed you formally, so now you can't get upset,
That's a rule of the internet, oh!
Now I'll post a wink or two while condescendingly I'll argue
I'm right, you're wrong, just how can you go on living?

Video Games
Vidya Games

Please don't judge me because I like turn-based strategy
Let's not mention who was playing Honey Pop on Steam last night
I know, I'll make a let's play channel
Let me go out and get a cheap mic Imma be the next PewDiePie for sure

Video Games
Vidya Games

Call of Duty is not a video game
How cool am I I'm too sophisticated for that shooter
But really, it's a terrible game

Video Games

Skyrim is a video game
2000 hours game-time would not recommend on Steam reviews
Act of Aggression is a video game
Remember all the hype for that? Upon release it just fell flat
What a steaming pile of

Video Games
Vidya Games

I'll never get a girlfriend, so I play video games
My friends ignore me, so I play video games
My lust for violence cannot be quenched, so video games
I listen to heavy metal because video games
I spy on my neighbour when she's in the shower, video games
I wrote this song because I play video games

Video Games
Vidya Games


from Video Game Songs, released February 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Riccardo Estate Melbourne, Australia

Riccardo Estate... Musician, Composer, Modern Day Minstrel.

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